The Sky Is The Limit

We work with companies to know their customers and tailor their message to reach new heights. 

it's your BRANDS

to soar

Every brand has a LIFE. PURPOSE. STORY. When it's time to tell your story, we're here to help.

Our process is simple

At the core our system's simplicity is profound. Rather than interrupt potential customers with advertising, join them on their journey with a story. The first step is to ask four crucial questions.

Each question represents a process of discovery. Individualized strategy that we embark on with our clients.

Begin with a story that aligns with deeply held dreams.


Everyone is looking for their tribe. When you are there for the lonely, the lost, and the seeking, your brand stands to make a difference in a persons life. By being the vehicle for connection, you can cement your status, and your sales, as an indispensable part of a persons life.

DREAMS OF transformation

Humans crave healthy change – to be healthier, wealthier and wiser, to be better people than they are today. When your company is there to help them on their journey, you will not just find sales, you will find ambassadors. Nobody forgets the ones that got them there.

DREAMS OF balance

How do you make your customers lives easier? Good brands focus on USERS not BUYERS. This means they are looking to become part of peoples lives not just a moment in them. A company must answer the question- "What do I add to my customers lives?" The correct answer is always a sense of wellbeing and balance. 

DREAMS OF a journey

"Are we there yet?" is for kids. Your people want substantial change in their life, and focusing on the joy in the journey to get there is branding ninjitsu. Your company can change their lives one step at a time. The task is to sell those steps rather than the destination. Are you ready to be a travel companion?

It really is that simple. We find out who YOU are, delve into who your customer is, learn their dreams, then tailor your solution to fit their desires.
Sounds simple right? It is with the right consultant. 

The Four Phases That GUIDE Us



From the beginning we have a lot to discover. By probing deeply into your market and who you are, we can develop a customer profile that allows us to understand who you are trying to reach. When we know everything we can about your customer, we turn our eyes to you to see what your business has to offer them specifically. We delve into the psychology of what metaphors drive your customers and craft stories that meet them where they are.


Armed with understanding, we start to craft a strategy of how we are going to consistently reach your customers where they are. By effectively delivering the answers to their problems, the means to reach their dreams, and the voice that they can relate to, your brand is set to build a raging fanbase.


Overseeing the execution and acting as a liaison for ad delivery specialists, content creators, and market researchers, Taylor Media & Consulting becomes a valuable tool. Too often companies start with execution and then analyze what went wrong. We oversee the execution and make sure it stays true to the strategy based on market understanding.


Like any machine, it's in the details that things can go wrong. Our approach is to stay in front of problems and continually tweak the execution to insure the best results. By monitoring performance closely we save our clients money. 

We are all about change and growth in a meaningful way. If you align with that, let's get started. Fill out this simple form and tell us how we can help.